Courtney, 20, has given birth to two children in the last two years, and she has hidden both pregnancies from her family.


“I just didn’t feel the need to really tell them. Even though I wanted to tell them, I just couldn’t,” she says. 

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During her first pregnancy, while she was in high school, Courtney didn’t tell her mother until she was three months pregnant, and in her most recent pregnancy, she didn’t tell her family until she was seven months along.


“I was afraid to tell my mom this time because I knew she was going to be disappointed again,” Courtney says.


Not only did Courtney conceal her pregnancies, she also lied about having an abortion. Early on in her most recently pregnancy, she told her boyfriend Ryan, with whom she has a rocky relationship, that she had an abortion -- but never did -- and didn’t reveal the truth until a month later.

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In the video above, she tells Dr. Phil why she lied about having an abortion. And, hear from Courtney’s family who share their thoughts about Courtney’s behavior and her pregnancy behaviors.