Krissie and Randy say their son, Justin, is spoiled, lazy and mooching off of them. The 23-year-old currently lives in Krissie and Randy’s home with his pregnant girlfriend and 18-month-old daughter. Krissie and Randy say they don’t contribute monetarily and leave the house a mess. They also say that Justin refuses to get a job and has stolen thousands of dollars from them.

Justin says his parents are to blame for the person he has become.

Krissie and Ryan say they are desperate for Justin to grow up and move out of their house. But could they be influencing him to stay?

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Watch the video to see what prompts Dr. Phil to ask the parents, “Why would he leave?”

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On Wednesday’s episode, Justin shares why he blames his parents for his behavior. And, are Krissie and Randy willing to stop enabling Justin? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Woman Says She Blames Parents For Enabling Brother’s ‘Bad Behavior’