Michelle and Rod have had a dozen kids and moved 28 times during their 29-year marriage. The couple, who is currently expecting their 13th baby, say they’ve faced everything from addiction to clutter, to strained finances together.

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But, several of their children say they feel neglected by their parents because their mother is too busy being pregnant, running the house and making videos for her YouTube channel while their father works three jobs to pay the bills. The couple says some of their children have expressed thoughts of self-harm.

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“I know why I have depression,” says 13-year-old Ozias. Describing what he calls a recent cry for help, he says it was his way of “letting them know I need more one-on-one time.”

“It takes two minutes to walk into a room and say hello,” says River, 22. “I hate a text that says ‘Hello.’ Why can’t you come say ‘Hi’?”

“I’m trying to reach out the best way I know how,” says Michelle, claiming she gives her children more attention than she got growing up.

“I’m a good parent,” she continues, “But if being a good parent is causing kids to be depressed and be on drugs and still have all these problems, then what good is it? I need to be an extraordinary parent.”

Does Dr. Phil have a plan to help this family get back on track?

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