John and Laura’s 16-year-old daughter, Angelina says it’s obvious her parents just don’t get along.


“In elementary school, I can remember several occasions where my dad has threatened to kill my mom,” she says. “To this day, the main reason I don’t like to talk back to my dad is because I believe that he will hurt me and he will hurt my mom, especially if he’s intoxicated,” she claims.

Laura, Angelina and John’s older daughter, Jessie, along with her 14-month-old child live in the main house, while John sleeps in the garage. He claims Laura is a hoarder and says that’s part of what drove him to move out of the house.

Laura adamantly denies being a hoarder. She says some of the mess in the house is Jessie’s and claims that John is so controlling that she can never do what she needs to, to get it all cleaned up.

Jessie, who also says Laura has a problem with hoarding, admits she doesn’t have a very good relationship with her stepmother or her baby sister. She claims Angelina “is a manipulative little liar, just like her mom.”

“My sister, Jessie, is dramatic and manipulative,” claims Angelina. “When just the littlest thing happens, she just blows it all out of proportion and she thinks that everything is owed to her and if she doesn’t get it, she figures out a way to manipulate someone into getting it for her.

John and Jessie say they want Laura and her hoarding ways out of their house.

“At this point I’m ready to walk away and never look back,” asserts Angelina, claiming she’s ready to live somewhere else, with her mom, but is Laura ready to move on?

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