Paul says he feels betrayed by his parents. “They threw me away with the trash,” he says claiming that Carrol and Frank sold the family business out from under him.

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Paul claims the recently retired couple bought their pet store 30 years ago with money they got from him; received a million dollars for the business when they sold it and are refusing to give him his share of the proceeds.

Carrol and Frank deny that Paul gave them the money to buy their store, and insist they never promised it to him. They claim he lost his store when he got involved with drugs, stole at least $20,000 while working for them and has continued taking money from them since they sold the business.

“I’ve stolen $10,000 from my parents in the last six months,” admits the 48-year-old who says he believes his parents owe him money. “I can’t get a job because, thanks to my parents, I’m a violent felon and a convict.”

Carrol and Frank say they’ve had Paul arrested for theft and assault in the past, but why does Carrol say she doesn’t want to see her son go to jail again?

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