Brittney says she wants her mother, Kristen, to come to her wedding, but she says Kristen won’t go if her mother, Theresa, and sister, Susie, will be there. Kristen claims they’ve treated her badly all her life, and says it’s their fault she was left out of planning Brittney’s wedding.

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“Brittney didn’t invite her mom, because her mom ruins everything,” says Susie.

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Brittney says her mother is at war with the entire family, and when Brittney doesn’t take her side, Kristen texts her hateful messages. She says she didn’t ask Kristen to help pick out her wedding dress, “Because it’s hard to invite her to those kinds of things knowing how she really feels about me.”

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Watch the video above to hear how Kristen responds when Dr. Phil asks, “Did you tell her you were going to video chat her during the wedding ceremony and shoot yourself in the head?”

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