Alexandra and Victoria claim their father, Steve, is controlling and manipulative. The siblings, who are 25 and 20 respectively, say they’ve each made bad choices in their lives, and they blame their father and his overprotective ways.


Steve says he has legitimate reasons for the parenting approach he has taken. “My entire lifetime I have made my family my top priority,” says Steve. “I always try to protect my children from anything that might interfere with them losing the innocence of childhood. That included not watching the 6 o’clock news and not exposing them to things that I thought were inappropriate.”

Steve says his daughters have both made a lot of self-destructive decisions, especially when it comes to choosing men. He says, “Every guy that they’ve ever brought into my house is what I call a WTF. And the last one that got my youngest daughter pregnant is the biggest WTF of them all.”

Victoria, 20, currently lives in her parents’ home with her child. Why does Steve say he recently gave her an eviction notice? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil.

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Why A Dad Says He’s Always Been Protective Of His Daughters