Bill says he feels like he can’t discipline his teenage daughters, Emma, 18, and Meredith, 16, when they break the rules because they’ve threatened to have him arrested for domestic violence in the past.

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Earlier this year, Bill says he took some “drastic measures,” just so he wouldn’t have to go home. He claims he decided to drive recklessly in front of police to the point that he would be thrown in jail.

“I was trying to get arrested so I could avoid the chaos at home - even if just for one night. It’s a nightmare,” he says.

Jen, Bill’s wife, says she’s also exhausted from dealing with the girls’ behaviors, claiming they’ve threatened to harm themselves when punishment is enforced.

“If we knew how to stick to a punishment and have them stick to it without them harming themselves, we wouldn’t be here,” says Jen. “We don’t know how. Clearly, we don’t.”

The couple says their daughters lie, fight, steal from family members, and are addicted to marijuana.

What insight does Dr. Phil offer Bill and Jen on how they may have lost control at home?

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