Matthew says he doesn’t understand why his parents, David and Tina, are upset that he and older brother Michael are smoking pot. Especially since, he claims, they’ve permitted it in their home in the past.

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“Tina - you literally told me we could smoke pot – you both did,” says the 16-year-old to his mother.

She denies giving her sons permission to smoke marijuana at home, but David admits he allowed it.

“My mindset was – if I could let them do it in a controlled environment, I could at least have some control over it - but every time you give them an inch – talking about the boundaries – they have to take it another step further.”

“I think you were well intended, but I believe you were one-hundred percent wrong,” says Dr. Phil.

What else do Matthew and Michael say their parents gave them permission to do? This episode airs Monday.

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