Steve says it’s because he was “trying to prolong the innocence of childhood,” that he has been protective of his two adult daughters, Alexandra, 25, and Victoria, 20, throughout their lives.

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The sisters, who are both in their 20’s, say growing up, their father refused to allow them to go on school field trips, attend social events, choose their own friends, or even watch the news. They say he told them who they could and couldn’t date, and even tried to put tracking devices on their phones. As adults, they claim he’s still trying to run their lives.

Steve acknowledges he now knows that the job of a parent is to prepare their children for the next stage of life. He says, “I just never had the heart to … it’s like, how do you just go up to your kid one day and say, ‘Hey, by the way, I’ve been sheltering you for the first 10 or 11 years of your life, and here’s what it’s really like.’”

What message does Dr. Phil tell Steve he’s been giving to his daughters by trying to control their worlds?

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