Amber claims her divorce in 2009 was so horrible – that it devastated every aspect of her life. The 40-year-old mother of two says she’s been hospitalized several times for ongoing mental health issues.

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Amber’s ex-husband, Bo, who has custody of their two children, currently has a protective order against her due to what he describes as her “delusional” behaviors.

“You know, she, she’ll say ‘I’m gonna take a holistic approach and I don’t need my medication.’ And then she’ll start drinking and - then she’ll start an episode and fixate on something – and it’ll get more and more out of hand,” he says on Thursday’s Dr. Phil, “And then she’s – she’s just not even Amber anymore.”

Bo claims his ex-wife drank heavily, even while they were married. And, he claims, their kids have witnessed a number of incidents involving their mother - including Amber trying to burn her wedding dress during a fight, and confronting a police officer at their home earlier this year. Because of her behaviors says Bo, the children don’t always want to spend time with their mom.

“You know, they’re 13 and 14 now, this all started when they were about five and six. They’ve kind of grown up with it, I don’t try to hide things from them anymore, I tell them…I tell them the truth, I think they’re old enough to, to handle things. I tell them, this is a sickness, she didn’t choose this. I still encourage the kids to see her. And it’s just that they have to be supervised now.”

What does Amber say triggered the incident that resulted in Bo taking out a restraining order against her? And why does her mother, Vickie, say she wonders whether Amber’s problems stem from a teenage trauma that never got dealt with? Part two of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Thursday.

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