Danuta claims she found her now ex-husband, John, molesting their son when the boy was six. And 13 years earlier, witnessed him touching their daughter, Monica, inappropriately when she was a baby. John vehemently denies ever sexually touching either child. Monica says she believes her father abused her sexually when she was a child, but claims she blocked the memories of the alleged abuse until she entered therapy at 13.

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“Okay, I’m curious about this,” says Dr. Phil, referencing a police report from 2011.

“The victim was informed by her mother that she has a history of sexual abuse by her father. The victim related that she doesn’t recall being abused and has only been fed information by her mother and was not given specific times, dates or means of abuse.”

Continuing, he reads, “This case is closed and cleared without prosecution and no basis or foundation a crime has occurred. Attorney’s office did not believe criminal charges applied to this incident.”

“Do you recall having that conversation with, with the police?” he asks Monica.

“No,” she replies. “I had a lot of conversations with them, so I don’t remember this specific one. But, I did say that I was lying a bunch of times and I recanted it.”

Danuta insists she never told Monica anything regarding the alleged sexual abuse by her father. Why does Monica say she repeatedly told police her mother fed her the information, then later retracted her statements?

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TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Being falsely accused of something?

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