Emily says she didn’t have a good childhood. She claims her father, Joseph, abused her, her siblings, and their mother Jennifer, daily. “One night he came in my room and started hitting me with a belt,” says Emily. “He repeatedly told me to get out of his house and to leave – I was kicked out of the house.”

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Emily says Joseph isn’t “all bad,” though, and says she always forgives him. “I love my dad more than anything.”

Emily’s sister, Rebecca, also claims that their father beat and abused them, their mother, Jennifer, and their siblings.

Jennifer, who says Joseph is her “soul mate” acknowledges that he has been abusive to her in the past. “That was when he was drinking,” she says. “He quit drinking in 2008.”

Joseph and Jennifer have both been charged with criminal child abuse in connection with the death of their 10-year-old son, Dominic. The child died in 2015 from hydrocodone toxicity in combination with sepsis. The couple, who adamantly deny they’re to blame for Dominic’s death lost a child to SIDS in 2007.

When she’s asked why she allegedly allowed her husband to abuse her children, Jennifer says, “How could I stop him?” She also claims he forced her to beat one of their sons with a belt.

When Dr. Phil asks, “Does that tell you that something is way the hell out-of-whack with your soul-mate?” how does Jennifer respond? And why is Emily coming to her father’s defense?

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Parents Charged With Criminal Child Abuse Deny Responsibility For 10-Year-Old Son’s Death