Terese and her younger daughter, Dani, claim older daughter, Kristen, hallucinates, and becomes violent when she drinks.

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Kristen texts an early morning message to a Dr. Phil producer saying she’s been overcome with anxiety and unable to bring herself to come on the show - then she disappears with her boyfriend.

Dr. Phil tells Terese and Dani, “She didn’t start doing this in a vacuum. There’s a lot of psychological noise going on with her at the same time.”

Karen Walsh, owner, and Dr. Jim Hughes, CEO of Inspirations for Youth and Families and the Cove Center for Recovery also weigh in on Kristen’s situation, and what they say is the critical need for a treatment plan that addresses both Kristen’s alleged alcohol addiction – and any mental health issues she might have.

Is Kristen ready to accept their help?

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