Xavier and his ex-wife, Melissa, say they gave their three sons, 23- year-old Jonas, 21-year-old Tristan, and 17-year-old Adrien everything growing up, even after they divorced. But now they claim Jonas and Tristan, who live with Xavier, are spiraling out of control.

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Melissa says her adult sons, Jonas, 23, and Tristan, 21, were “privileged” while growing up, and admits she had a “tendency to overcompensate and spoil” her boys after she and their father, Xavier, divorced. Melissa says her sons should be self-sufficient adults, but claims they steal, do drugs and are destructive and disrespectful, and she won’t have them in her home.

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“Jonas and Tristan both lived with me until I forced Jonas into rehab,” says Melissa, adding, “After rehab in 2015 I told Jonas he had to go live with his father. She says Tristan, moved out in 2017 after she took his video games away.

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Both men currently live with Xavier, who says he’s sometimes frightened of his children. Xavier claims his sons are violent toward him, and says he can’t get a break, because Melissa and her fiancé are unwilling to take Jonas and Tristan in.

Jonas and Tristan, deny being violent toward their dad. Tristan claims Xavier is a bully who “instigates a lot of fights,” and Jonas claims his father is setting him up to fail.

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Can Dr. Phil help this family to put an end to their feud?

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