Twenty-one-year-old Michael claims his father, David, filed a restraining order against him “due to the fact that Matt and I were hanging out too much – in his opinion.” Matt is Michael’s 16-year-old brother. “We can hang out if we want to,” he says.

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“I had him arrested for interfering with custody,” says David. “Matthew was supposed to be in school."

According to the boys’ mother, Tina, Matthew – a sophomore - flunked out of school. He says he’s now taking classes online, three hours a day, and doing well. Matthew recently moved out of his parents’ house to live with his brother because - he says - his parents are “psycho.”

David and Tina claim Michael is a weed-smoking “professional liar” who drives under the influence and is a bad role-model for Matthew.

The couple also claims that Michael sells drugs, an allegation which, up to this point, he’s denied. When the brothers complain that Tina has been reading their text messages, what’s revealed that has Michael walking back his previous denial? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil.

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