Tina says her family is spinning out of control. She says her younger son, Matthew, 16, is a “disrespectful little punk” who “doesn’t like to follow rules,” and older son, Michael, 21, “is a pathological, professional liar.”

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“They have absolutely no respect for adults or any authority whatsoever,” claims the boys’ father, David, who says 16-year-old Matthew “frustrates me beyond belief.”

The couple claims their boys are smoking weed, dealing drugs (which the brothers deny) - and driving under the influence. They say Matthew has flunked out of school, and claim it’s Michael’s fault for being a bad influence on his younger brother.

“As far as Michael goes – right now I’m done with him. He can stay out of the house and my life,” says David. “Matthew is only 16, he’s still my responsibility. But if he continues down this road – I’ve got absolutely no problem with signing off parental rights and letting him be a ward of the state.”

On Monday’s Dr. Phil, find out what Tina and David admit they did as parents that may have contributed to their sons’ behaviors. And hear why Michael and Matthew say their parents are overreacting to their pot-smoking.

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