In July 2016, Oklahoma toddler, Lincoln Lewis died as the result of a fractured skull. His mother’s boyfriend, Tulsa dentist, Dr. Bert Franklin, was accused of killing the 19-month-old. Franklin, 35, says he’s innocent. He’ll face trial on a first-degree murder charge in September.

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In a Dr. Phil exclusive airing Monday, Roxanne Lewis-Randall speaks about the loss of her baby boy, her year-long romance with his accused killer; and speculates as to why the child - who had medical challenges from birth - may have been the target of Franklin’s alleged violence.

“Lincoln required a lot of my attention. He required even more of my attention than the other kids. He didn’t go to his dad’s every other weekend. He was with me, day in and day out – all of the time. So it was kind of like a package deal, you know? But I think that he cared about him until he got in his way.”

What does Roxanne claim she learned after Lincoln’s death that Bert Franklin reportedly told a friend about his feelings toward her son?

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