Rick claims that Lenard, a man he has never met in person, has been stalking and harassing him and his family online for over six years and that Lenard accuses him of being a child molester, which Rick vehemently denies.

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“I believe Richard is a child predator because I found these videos of him calling little girls, even little boys, pretending to be a prophet,” says Lenard.

Lenard is claiming Rick then targeted him, “because I called him out.”

“Everything definitely escalated when I made videos on YouTube asking the world for help. He took those videos and remixed them, trying to make it look like I had molested my children.”

Lenard claims he’s lost his family, his job and his home because of his “online war” with Rick.

Do Rick and Lenard agree to call a truce? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil. 

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Accused Of Cyber Stalking, Man Claims His Alleged Victim Sent Him Threatening Messages