Rick claims he’s been harassed online for years by a man named Lenard, who he says has falsely accused him of being a child predator, and also threatened to harm him and his family.

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The hip-hop artist, who posts his music on online under the name “OG Raw Deal,” says he’s taken out a restraining order against the man, but claims because the harassment is online, and across state lines, the authorities haven’t been able to stop Lenard from harassing him - or his children.

“They tell me the crime is being committed in Oregon. The Oregon police say the crime is being committed in California, so there’s nothing they can do,” he says.

Lenard denies the allegations. He admits to posting videos about Rick but claims that Rick has “doctored” one of those videos to make it seem like he’s saying something he’s not.

Did Rick alter the video he claims his alleged cyber stalker made to threaten him?

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Why A Man Accused Of Cyber Stalking Claims He’s The Victim