Niki, who has been divorced from Marcus for four years, recently moved in with her boyfriend, John. Niki and Marcus’s teenage daughters Sadie, Skylar, and Zoe claim their mom prefers spending time with John over them and wants them to spend what time they do have with her, at John’s home, which they say they don’t want to do. The teenagers, along with two other siblings currently live with their father.

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Marcus claims Niki is violating their divorce decree by trying to force the girls to sleep over at John’s house during her visitation. He says the document states “That neither one of us can have the children spend the night in a home with another adult that we are not legally married to.”

He claims Niki herself had the clause put in their divorce papers, which she adamantly denies.

“The reason that it’s a good idea for it be there is that the statistics are that the likelihood of a child being molested or abused in a home with a single mother with a live-in boyfriend, is 31 times normal,” says Dr. Phil. “So it’s a good idea that it be there, statistically.”

Addressing John, he continues, “I’m not saying that you’re a risk of molesting or abusing these children or that any of your friends would be. I’m just saying statistically, that’s why a court would recognize something like that.”

When Marcus reveals in front of their daughters that he recently filed for full custody of all five of his children with Niki, how do they - and she respond? Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil.

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