Marty and Marla have six children together. The former couple divorced in 2013. Marty is now married to Jennifer, and Marla claims the pair stalk and harass her, which they deny.

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“Marla is jealous of Jennifer and myself,” claims Marty, adding, “I think Marla has regrets about leaving me and filing for divorce.”

Jennifer also claims that Marla is envious of the life she and Marty have together, saying, “She thinks that maybe if I had not come into the picture that they may still be together.”

“Did they seriously say that? No,” responds Marla, laughing. “I was married to him for 28 years. That was long enough.”

Marty and Jennifer claim that Marla refuses to let Marty have his scheduled parenting time with their youngest child, David. They also claim that Marla has falsely accused them of brainwashing, kidnapping and abusing David, which she denies.

Marla claims that 10-year-old David doesn’t want anything to do with Marty and Jennifer and she can’t force him to see them if he doesn’t want to. When Dr. Phil tells Marla, Marty, and Jennifer that he believes their behaviors are putting David in danger, how do they respond?

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