Anthony claims his ex-girlfriend, Crystal, and her mother, Barbara, have been coaching his daughter, Marie, to say that he sexually assaulted her at least twice in 2016, when she was 3. “There is no way that my daughter told them any of the things that I’m being accused of,” he says, adamantly denying their allegations.

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“Without a doubt, I believe my daughter,” says Crystal, who also denies Anthony’s claim of coaching. “She tells me the same story, and if it’s not the same, it’s more detail.”

Crystal claims that not only did Marie describe the alleged abuse on video, but that her daughter’s medical records are proof that Anthony assaulted her.

Reviewing her reported timeline of events, Dr. Phil questions Crystal as to why she allegedly waited to take Marie for medical attention and waited to report the alleged assaults to police. He also asks why it appears she omitted details about the alleged assaults when she did report them, and then, permitted Anthony to take Marie for visitation several times after she claims she knew about the alleged abuse.

“That just seems like really unusual behavior for a mother of a molested child,” he says.

Why do Crystal and Barbara claim the reports given to Dr. Phil are incomplete?

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