Jennifer claims her family’s electronic devices and online accounts have been getting hacked for months and says she believes a family member, an ex, or possibly the Russians are behind it.

Jennifer’s husband, Billy, says three of his phones and three laptops have been compromised, and he suspects Jennifer is doing the hacking.

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“If she is not hacking me, she knows who is,” he says.

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Jennifer says Billy doesn’t trust her. “At some point, he had a listening device placed in the house,” she claims.

Billy admits to recording his wife. He also says he has gone through Jennifer’s phone once a week since receiving a message from a friend accusing Jennifer of having “infidelity issues.”

“The more I found, the more she lied. The more she lied, the harder I looked,” says Billy, adding, “No matter what I have found, Jennifer will tell you she didn't do it, a hacker did it.”

“I want to deal with full transparency here,” Dr. Phil tells Jennifer on Monday’s episode.

How does Jennifer respond when he tells her, “If in fact you want this relationship to have a chance to survive, you need to really stop for a second, take a deep breath, and make a threshold decision.”

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TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Accusations causing a rift in your relationship?


‘I Lied To Him To Save Our Marriage’

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‘I Lied To Him To Save Our Marriage’