“My stepdaughter, Samantha, is a master manipulator, along with her mother,” says Iain. He’s claiming his wife, Sandi’s, 15-year-old daughter is “controlling and narcissistic,” and “lies about everything.”

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“Once she told Sandi that my mother pushed her into the Island in the kitchen. My mother’s 86 and walks with a cane. That was a big fat lie,” says Iain.

Iain also claims Samantha “steals.” “My mother has seen where Samantha has taken stuff out of her room,” he says. He also complains that Samantha is “lazy” and refuses to help in the kitchen while his elderly mother, Yvonne, does all the cooking.

Sandi says Iain calls Samantha “worthless,” showers her with negative attention, and is both verbally and emotionally abusive to the teenager. She also claims that Yvonne is a big part of the problem in their home because she “stirs the pot” by “spying” on her and Samantha, then reporting back to Iain. Yvonne strongly denies the allegations.

Iain, who has been married to Sandi since Samantha was 3, says he doesn’t agree with his wife’s parenting. He’s claiming Sandi doesn’t make Samantha do her chores, and does not punish her when she breaks his rules. He’s claims Sandi lies to him in order to protect and “cover up for her daughter.”

Iain says Samantha is “destroying his marriage” to Sandi and he wants her gone. “I’ve drawn the line in the sand. When summer comes, Samantha is going … and she’s not coming back. I do not want to live under the same roof with that child.”

Does Sandi say she is willing to let Iain kick her daughter out of the house?

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