Jeremy claims that his wife of six years, Kelly, is trying to poison him by lacing his food and drinks with borax.

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“My kidneys started burning really bad. I couldn’t sit up, I couldn’t lay down. My body was hurting so bad. I went to clean off her car one day, and I saw this bag sticking out from under the passenger seat, so I pulled it out, and there was a box of borax. I didn’t even know what borax was. I started researching the symptoms of having borax in your system, and I couldn’t believe what I discovered,” says Jeremy.

He says he believes Kelly is poisoning him for his life insurance. He’s also claiming that Kelly is a cheater, who he says is sleeping with multiple men, including an undercover cop, and his best friend.

“If Dr. Phil can prove that my wife was poisoning me I want to get full custody of my children, get a divorce, and get her put in prison,” he says.

Kelly denies Jeremy’s claims. She says she’s never cheated on her husband and isn’t poisoning him, either. Kelly says Jeremy really is sick, but she’s not the cause of his illness.

Why does Jeremy say his doctors won’t take his claims of borax poisoning, seriously? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday.

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Man Who Claims His Wife Poisoned Him:  ‘I Went From Being A Totally Healthy Person To Laying On The Couch Sick, Every Day’