Sandy says her 22-year-old son, Dylan, has been in a downward spiral since his best friend died of an overdose nearly two years ago. “He found him and tried to perform CPR when he was clearly gone, and that has ruined him,” she says.

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Now, Sandy says, Dylan has lost 20 lbs., is emotional, explosive, and isolates in his room. “Dylan’s behavior is absolutely unpredictable,” she says, adding, “He can snap.”

“If I want to do something, it’s going to be done. If I’m going to get pushed to do something, I’m going to fight back. I’m not going to do it,” says Dylan.

Dylan’s stepfather, Thomas, claims the 22-year-old is confrontational, saying, “He yells and screams and rages. He’s volatile.” Thomas says he believes that Dylan is using his grief as a crutch to be lazy, disrespectful and abusive. He says, “Dylan’s 22 years old. It’s time to man-up. Get out of bed and get out of my house.”

“Thomas definitely does not want Dylan around, and I would never discard my son,” says Sandy.

Does Dr. Phil have a plan to help this family overcome their differences? Tune in to Friday’s episode.

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