“I refuse to choose between my children and my husband. I love my husband and I love my kids,” says Jennifer; an RN who, along with her husband, Joseph, has been charged with criminal child abuse in connection with the death of the couple’s 10-year-old son, Dominic. The boy died in 2015, as a result of hydrocodone toxicity in combination with sepsis.

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Joseph is currently incarcerated on a probation violation. Their case is pending. She says she’s working to get Joseph out of jail, but the couple’s daughter, Rebecca, says she thinks he should stay there. Rebecca claims her father is abusive and says she doesn’t understand why Jennifer is putting him “before the needs of her children.”

Jennifer acknowledges that Joseph was abusive in the past, but claims he changed once he stopped drinking nine years ago. Now, she says she just wants to put her family back together.

“When Joe was taken to jail, the kids were put in foster care. I want my kids to know I love their dad. I believe we can be a family again,” says Jennifer. “My children should not have been removed. They were never in danger.” Three of the couple’s four surviving children currently live with Joseph’s sister.

Jennifer and Joseph had another son, Ezekiel, who died as an infant in 2007. Jennifer says the official cause of Ezekiel’s death was SIDS, so why does she say - part of her - blames her husband?

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