Marty claims his ex-wife, Marla, is jealous of his relationship with new wife, Jennifer, and refuses to let Marty have his scheduled parenting time with their 10-year-old son, David.

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Marla denies being jealous of Marty and Jennifer. She admits she doesn’t always deliver David for his court-ordered visitation with Marty and claims Marty doesn’t always show up for all the time that he’s entitled to with their son.

Marla also says that David doesn’t want anything to do with Jennifer or his dad, claiming they say negative things about her to the child. “I’m his mother. He doesn’t need to listen to you talk bad about me, call me names, call the siblings names. He is ten years old,” she says.

“I do not do that, that’s a lie,” responds Jennifer. She claims that it’s Marla who speaks ill of Marty “all over town.”

What does Dr. Phil say when it’s revealed that between the three of them, they’ve called the police repeatedly on one another?

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