Crystal is accusing her ex-boyfriend, Anthony, of sexually assaulting their 3-year-old daughter, Marie, at least twice in 2016. Claiming her daughter’s bottom was “red and swollen from top to bottom,” Crystal says she was “horrified” by what she claims she saw in Marie’s diaper after the toddler complained of pain and asked her for medicine following a visit with Anthony that July. Anthony vehemently denies ever assaulting Marie.

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“On July 6th, she’s screaming and crying in pain and telling you that she has been raped with an object by her father. And, you didn’t take her to the doctor or call the police,” Dr. Phil says to Crystal in part one of a two-part episode airing Tuesday.

“I did. It just wasn’t right away,” she responds, claiming she was scared and needed time to process what she claims her daughter told her.

“Well, the police report is dated 7/23. So you waited 16 days to call the police,” replies Dr. Phil.

Crystal says Marie gave more detail about what she claims Anthony did to her a few days after the alleged incident, while Crystal recorded her on video. She claims no one wanted to believe the account, and accused her of “coaxing” the child.

How does Crystal explain why certain details of what she says she reported to police about Anthony’s alleged assault on Marie are not mentioned in the official report?

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‘I Would Never Molest My Daughter, Ever,’ Claims Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting His 3-Year-Old