Joey describes her daughter, Cherylyn, as a “spoiled, manipulative, very bratty, very bitchy, and very entitled,” 19-year-old, who - she claims - has “blown” over $130,000 on expensive makeup, designer clothes, and shoes, fine dining and more.

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Joey says growing up, Cherylyn always had nice things, and admits, didn’t hear the word “no.” “If I did tell her ‘no’ she would harass me. It was easier for me to give in than to deal.” Joey says these days if Cherylyn doesn’t get what she wants, she’ll curse and call her names. “She’ll tell me to go kill myself.”

In the last four years, claims Joey, Cherylyn has pawned family heirlooms, opened 17 credit card accounts, used Joey’s social security number to set up an online gambling account, spent a hundred thousand dollars of her boyfriend, Tyler’s, money - and racked up thousands in debt. “She’ll get a card, max it out, and not even make a payment.”

“She doesn’t get it. She doesn’t care. I can’t keep doing what I’ve been doing,” says Joey. “There’s got to be a stopping point.”

Why does Cherylyn say it’s her mother’s fault for raising her to be the way she is?

Rosie Mercado, special correspondent for the Emmy award-winning show The Doctors goes on assignment for Dr. Phil to learn more about Cherylyn and her spending habits. Tune in to Wednesday’s episode to see what she uncovers.

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