Terese claims her 32-year-old daughter, Kristen’s, problems with alcohol began when she was a teenager. She says she believes Kristen started drinking because she was bullied by other girls in school who she claims were jealous of her daughter’s developing figure.


“So, this had to be very devastating to her – but she refuses to acknowledge that it had any effect on her life whatsoever,” says Terese.

Terese says Kristen got her first DUI right after high school graduation. She lost her license to drive after receiving her fifth DUI in 2015. Terese and her younger daughter, Dani, both say Kristen’s drinking is out of control. They claim she hallucinates, and becomes violent. Terese says Kristen binges on alcohol for weeks at a time, and Dani says she fears Kristen will die if something isn’t done.

The morning Kristen’s interview with Dr. Phil is scheduled, she texts a producer that she’s been overcome with anxiety, is in “panic mode,” and unable to bring herself to appear on the show. But with Terese and Dani there, Dr. Phil vows to get Kristen to help “whatever it takes.”

“The Job is to save her life,” says Dr. Phil.

How do Terese and Dani respond when he asks them for assurance that they’re “all in” when it comes to Kristen’s recovery?

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