Randy, Cathy, and their daughter, Lindsey, claim youngest daughter, Taylor, went from being a happy teenage social media star to being homeless, depressed and doing drugs after years of coping with being cyberbullied and hacked. They claim Taylor’s boyfriend, Anthony, shares some of the blame for her circumstances. Anthony’s mother, Angie, says she agrees that the young couple is in a “toxic” relationship.

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“My son went from being one of the most popular, likable kids in high school to a complete liar,” claims Angie

She says that in Anthony has used drugs in the past, got clean for a while, but always seems to go back to using again.

Admitting she enables Anthony and Taylor by paying for their cell phones, Angie says they live “a very chaotic life together.”

“I feel like that’s the two choices that are left in Anthony’s life: It’s death or prison. I feel like that’s the point we’ve come to,” says Angie, adding, “And it’s very, very terrifying.”

Does Dr. Phil have a plan to help Anthony and Taylor turn their lives around?

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