“I’m not sure when she started drinking, but her first DUI was right after high school graduation,” says Terese of her 32-year-old daughter, Kristen. She’s claiming Kristen has an addiction to alcohol.

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Terese says Kristen received three DUI infractions charges before the age of 21. She says she bailed Kristen out the first two times; but on her third DUI, she says her daughter was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

On Tuesday’s Dr. Phil, Terese explains why she didn’t realize the severity of her daughter’s alleged drinking problem until later, saying, “I thought she was just a kid – you know – partying and having bad luck.”

Terese claims that when Kristen drinks, she stays drunk for weeks at a time. She says her daughter hallucinates, claims to see ghosts, has tried to jump out of a moving car, and once came after her with a knife.

What does Kristen mean when she says, her family thinks they have control over her, and she’s going to show them they don’t?

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