Valerie says she fears her 16-year-old daughter, Veronica, is going down a “bad path Valerie alleges that Veronica is disobedient, drinks, smokes marijuana, lies and hangs out with the wrong crowd.

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“If things don’t change quickly, she could be kidnapped,” says Valerie. “She could be sold into sex trafficking. They could use her organs for religious rituals that they have. They could drink her blood.”

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“My mom is psycho-crazy. She’s a mess,” says Veronica. “My mom thinks I’m a devil child – thinks I’m going to Hell.” Veronica says her mother doesn’t realize that she is just a normal teen.

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What does Veronica say happened when she ran away from home? Plus, how does Valerie respond when Dr. Phil asks her why she had the a nanny write to him for help instead of reaching out herself?

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