Vicki says when her daughter Elora was young, she was “wild,” “very unmanageable,” did a lot of “inappropriate things” and ran away.

“I did consent for her to be treated at a psych unit three times, at least, but I felt I had to do that to keep her alive,” Vicki says.

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Vicki also admits that she put her daughter to foster care at age 13 for five months.

Elora, now 27, says, “It seems like when parenting got stressful, her answer would be [to] just get rid of us.”

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In the video above, Dr. Phil questions Vicki’s decision to put her teen in the foster care system. “At the highest risk time of her life you said, ‘I’ll turn her over to, well, I don't know who, but I’ll just turn her over to somebody else’?”

Watch Vicki’s response in the video above. And on Wednesday’s episode, Dr. Phil shares with Vicki what he believes she needs to do to help manage her life. Check here to see where you can watch.


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