Camma admits that her relationship with her daughter is strained. In 2015 the (then) 8-year-old accused Camma’s fiancé, Andrew, of touching her in “bad places.”

Camma says she doesn’t believe the child and claims her ex-husband, Brandon, coached the girl into making false allegations, even though Andrew confessed to police and was recently convicted on charges of statutory rape.

“It hurts to see her so happy,” she says of her daughter who currently lives with Camma’s parents. “She doesn’t seem like anything’s wrong with her – which makes it even more sad and frustrating.”

Camma points to her daughter’s “happiness” as a sign that she lied about being molested.

“The fact that my daughter is so happy makes me think that none of this happened. If my daughter was a hot mess, it would be easier for me to believe that these things happened to her,” she says.

How does Camma react when she hears for the first time what Andrew said in court when questioned about molesting her daughter?

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Woman Who Claims Daughter Lied About Sexual Abuse Finally Hears Details Of Fiancé’s Confession