When Cherylyn turned 17, her mother, Joey, says she was given a new Ford Focus – which she refused to be seen in - so Joey replaced it with a Nissan Infinity, “and then that wasn’t good enough. So we got rid of that. Then I bought her - for her 18th birthday - I came home with a BMW.” Joey claims Cherylyn said the BMW still wasn’t good enough, and that her daughter wanted a Mercedes.

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Joey says she thought her daughter would “be more appreciative” of everything she’s been given. “I realize now – nothing’s ever going to be good enough.” She’s claiming Cherylyn has spent over $130,000 on designer shoes and clothes, expensive makeup, fine dining, – and online gambling; and is currently thousands of dollars in debt. Joey also alleges her daughter has pawned family heirlooms for cash and has even stolen Joey’s identity, which Cherylyn strongly denies.

“I’ve got a lot of different feelings on it, you know? It’s hurtful. It’s devastating. I’m angry, yeah. How my child behaves - it’s embarrassing,” says Joey.

The teen’s mother isn’t the only one who she’s fed up with Cherylyn spending money that isn’t hers. Tune in to Wednesday’s. Dr. Phil to find out why her boyfriend, Tyler, says he’s about ready to call it quits; and hear why Cherylyn says she thinks Joey and Tyler are both “playing the victim.”

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