Camma says she believes her fiancé, Andrew, was pressured into falsely confessing to molesting her (then) 8-year-old daughter in 2015. She says after Andrew was arrested, she wasn’t allowed to review her child’s statements, so she tried to find out for herself.

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“I recorded my daughter talking about the allegations against my fiancé because I wanted to know what was going on – because – nobody was telling me anything,” admits Camma.

Camma’s ex-husband, Brandon - whom she’s accused of manipulating their daughter into making up the abuse allegations – says, “Camma tried to get our daughter to lie on a recording and say that she had made all of this up; not once – but twice.”

She acknowledges that making the recordings got her arrested and charged with felony witness tampering. “I was held in jail for 18 hours – my charges were eventually dismissed.”

Camma isn’t the only person who says she believes Andrew couldn’t have molested her child. On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, hear why Andrew’s father, Gary, says he believes his son’s confession was coerced.

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