Danuta claims her ex-husband, John, abused her during their marriage and molested both of their children.

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“When our daughter, Monica, was about six months old, I walked into her room. I saw him touching our daughter in inappropriate places, and I saw him touching himself,” she claims, adding, “He pushed me against the wall. I fell down. He told me that if I tell anybody about that, he will kill Monica. The next day he told me that he didn’t know what happened to him. He promised that he’s never going to do it again and I believed him.”

Danuta claims she saw similar behavior from John 13 years later when their son was about six years old. “I contacted the police. After three days, DCFS allowed my husband to come home because my son was too scared to say anything. Right after he returned home, he said that ‘now I can do anything I want with our son.’”

Danuta says she’ll do anything to keep her children safe from John, who she claims victimized their children, but John adamantly denies her accusations. He says he wants to clear his name once and for all.

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