Jessica says the last four months of her life have been a “total hell.” The young mom claims she hit her head and now she has “severe” eye issues.

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“I have to have complete darkness most of the time because any bright lights, it hurts,” Jessica explains. “When I have these eye episodes, the pain is so severe at the back of the head and the crazy feeling. It’s, like, I want to hit my head on the wall to make it all go away. When you wake up and your vision’s blurry, you can’t see. It’s going to freak you out.”

Jessica admits she’s taken hundreds of pictures of her eyes to see if they have changed or are returning to the way they were.

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“I ask people a lot if my eyes are crossed. ‘Does it look like I’m looking at you?’” Jessica says.

Jessica admits that her behavior has taken a toll on her family. She claims that her ex-husband didn’t support her, so she divorced him, and that she has lost her close relationship with her children.

Does Jessica she think she can get better? Check here to see where you can watch Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil.

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