Amber claims she lost custody of her two children because her parents felt she was an unfit mother.

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Vickie and Larry admit they testified against their daughter in court. They’re claiming that after her divorce, Amber was drinking heavily and began behaving irrationally. They say it was her “erratic” thinking and behaviors after she started a new business that sparked their concern; prompting them to have her evaluated by mental health professionals, who they say recommended admitting Amber to a state mental health facility.

Amber says it was that first hospital stay that caused her life to spiral out of control. “Once I was in that mental hospital, once I’m in the system it’s very difficult to defend yourself and – I’ll tell you this too – I didn’t have any more money to fight.”

Since then, says Amber, she’s lost jobs, had two failed relationships, several arrests, and one incident earlier in 2017, that resulted in her ex-husband, Bo, being granted a restraining order against her for the next two years.

In part one of a two-part Dr. Phil airing Wednesday, Amber admits she doesn’t think she is currently fit to take care of her children. “I’ve got to get back on top of my mental health and my finances before I can help my kids.”

What does Dr. Phil tell Amber she needs to do to get her life back on track?

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