Stephanie recently completed a residential treatment program for her alcohol dependency but then moved out of the sober living facility where she was staying.

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Her mother, Michele, moved from New Jersey to Texas to be with Stephanie, and she claims her daughter has relapsed and now things are “a complete horror show.”

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“I’m watching her like a hawk because if I don’t, she’s going to go completely off the rails,” says Michele.

Claiming that Michele is “more controlling than she ever was before,” Stephanie says her mother goes through her mail, her phone, her emails, and “just has to wedge her way into every aspect of my life.”

“It just makes me want to drink even more,” the 33-year-old says.)

“Stephanie thinks I may be controlling, but it’s either that or I’m going to be planning her funeral,” says Michele.

Does Dr. Phil have a plan to help get Stephanie back on track?

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