“I grew up in a great home. I had a great childhood,” says 21-year-old Michael. His 16-year-old brother, Matthew, agrees. “Mike and I pretty much – we got whatever we wanted when we were younger,” he says.

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“We used to do everything together,” says their dad, David. Mom, Tina says, “We had a wonderful life. Now, all of a sudden we can’t even go out to dinner – we can’t even be in the same room.”

What’s causing this family’s conflict? The brothers say they’re constantly fighting with their parents over smoking marijuana. They also claim their mother has been “spying” on them, by tracking Matthew’s phone and reading their text messages.

David and Tina say Michael is a bad influence on Matthew because – he not only smokes pot – they claim he deals drugs, and both sons have been known to get behind the wheel when high. They say some of the fights with Michael have turned violent.

Michael has moved out of the family home, and Matthew recently moved in with him.

The brothers both claim their parents have told them they hate them – and their mother says she wishes they’d never been born.

David says the words came out of frustration. “I regret saying it,” he says.

Tina tells her sons, “We don’t hate you – we hate the stuff that you do.”

Do any of them take ownership for their role in the breakdown of this family? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil.

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