Elaine says she’s going broke paying the rent, utilities, groceries and more for her 32-year-old son, AJ. “He’s on a limited income. So I always pay for things for him and his son,” she says.

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AJ was diagnosed with PTSD about a year after his grandmother died from injuries she sustained in a home invasion. He says it’s so bad that he can’t work or pay his bills and claims that at times he’s so impaired that he doesn’t have the energy or focus to care for his son.

“In some ways, I feel obligated to take care of AJ for what he went through because I know it was horrific,” says Elaine. She says her husband, Ric, wants her to “kick him to the curb” so that he can learn to take care of himself.

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AJ says he’s tried both therapy and medication, but claims they didn’t work for him.

“You’re the most powerful role model in that young man’s life,” says Dr. Phil referring to AJ’s 4-year-old son.

Continuing, he says, “You owe it to yourself and to him to get yourself on a path to resolving this.”

When Dr. Phil refers AJ to the Lawlis-Peavy PsychoNeuroPlasticity (PNP) Center for a full evaluation, will he agree to go? Tune in to Tuesday’s episode.

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