Tia, who recently began using the name Rose, was working as a physician assistant until she decided to quit her job and pursue a career in music.

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Rose’s mother, Michelle, and sister, Brianna, say they believe something far more serious is going on than just a change of career. They claim Rose has stopped speaking to them, lost custody of her children, was recently evicted from her apartment and currently lives in her truck. They also say she’s started talking with a British accent.

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“When I think about what’s going on with my daughter, the thing that upsets me the most is, I don’t know her anymore,” says Michelle.

Brianna says, “Her behavior is off the charts.”

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Rose claims she suffers from a rare condition called Foreign Accent Syndrome, which she says she developed after bumping her head, then suffering a stroke.

Why does Michelle say she thinks her daughter is making it up and “has completely gone off the deep end”?

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'I’m Not Pretending. This Is Way Too Much Work,’ Says Woman Who Claims She Has Foreign Accent Syndrome