Jennifer says she's at her wits' end with her 13-year-old son. She says he’s angry and violent, starts fires, threatens to kill people and claims he sees vampires who tell him what to do. Jennifer claims her son is so out of control that she, her boyfriend and their two children sleep in a locked bedroom for safety.  He "is making our life a living hell," she says. “My son has brought me to a breaking point. I can’t wait until he’s 18-years-old so he can move out of my house.”

But is there more to this troubled youth's behavior? In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews home footage of Jennifer's son acting out — and calls some of her behavior into question.

“You guys are the adults here," Dr. Phil tells Jennifer and her boyfriend. "You’re the parents here. You have a child who clearly has problems, there’s no question about that. And I’ve not diagnosed the child … but from where I sit, from having reviewed an awful lot of records, it certainly does not appear to me that these problems are of y’all’s making — but you’re certainly not helping.”