Eight months’ pregnant and homeless with a self-described $450-a-day heroin habit, Niki says she gets high because she wants to escape. “When things are bad, okay, well, I’ll get high -I don’t have to remember it for a while.”

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The 27-year-old admits she started using the drug over seven years ago but claims she no longer remembers why. “Now it’s basically just the wreckage of what I’ve left from getting high ‘cause now it just gets worse.”

“You don’t have to face any of the wreckage of what you left from getting high,” says Niki’s younger sister, Sammantha, who says she is seeing her for the first time in two years. “You left that town. Everybody hates us now.”

Why does Sammantha claim Niki’s reputation as a “drug addict” has negatively impacted her life? And when Niki sees herself on video - high on heroin - for the very first time, how does she respond? Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Wednesday.

Then, on Thursday tune in to learn what Niki and her fiancé, Jessey, say they’re doing to support themselves. Can Dr. Phil help this couple find a way to get clean?

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A Young Pregnant Woman’s Family Members Say They Fear For Her Life As A Heroin Addict