Reported Human trafficking survivor, Kendall, says she was scared to meet Dr. Phil.

The young woman who claims she was forced to have sex with rich, prominent people since she was a small child explains her apprehension. “You’re a rich white guy, and that scared me. I thought that you maybe know him,” she says, referring to the man who runs the international sex trafficking organization she claims she was a part of for most of her life. “Also - you don’t seem to like it when people lie, and I feel like all of these things are lies.”

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Clarifying her comments, Kendall claims the man she says “owns” her made her learn the difference between “the truth – and the lie.” She says, according to her captor, the “truth” was “He loves me. He was the only one who would be a father to me. He’s always done what’s best for me and taken care of me.”

When Dr. Phil points out the abuse Kendall has described suffering during her ordeal is reality, she responds, “The reality is what’s happened. The truth is - none of that was bad.”

Why does Kendall say she’d tell other people in her position not to leave the world of human trafficking? Is there hope for her to overcome the trauma she reports enduring as a life-long sex slave?

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This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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