When I was in the world of sex trafficking I gave birth to children,” says Kendall, who claims her parents turned her over to the man she says “owns” her as a newborn. She claims she was allowed by her captor to get pregnant multiple times because clients paid to let it happen. And while she says she had several abortions, she also claims to have three children who survived.

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“After I had each baby they were taken away, but sometimes I would get to see them later as a reward,” says Kendall. “I would like to have my kids with me, but I feel like If I did, I would just get them in trouble.”

Why does Kendall say she believes her children – two girls and a boy – are also working in the sex trafficking trade? On Tuesday’s Dr. Phil she tells her story of life in trafficking. Click here to find your local listing.

This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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